The Darkest Corner

  There’s always a world inside you Secret layers of Passion, desires, selfishness. The world you might never be able To live in, but It lives within you. The cavernous void Of surreptitious serendipity Of finding fault in everyone. The secret yearning, abhorrence Which are afraid to surface To the upper strata of mind. AllContinue reading “The Darkest Corner”

Five Haiku Poem: Flowers for Death

  Deep within the seeds, fright grows as poppies erupt blood-red through dark mud.   She picks the flowers. They die slowly in her grasp. Their scent fading fast.     As poppies wither through the night, she dreams of death – invites him to bed.   With cold hands, he holds her tight, andContinue reading “Five Haiku Poem: Flowers for Death”

Can You Get Over Me?

Put daggers in my heart and twist knives into my spine, rip my skin away from the flesh, and drain my blood, drop by drop. Cut me into two halves, and then cut those halves further. Take my eyes away. Discard them on your way home. Roast my flesh in a fiery rage. Fill my soul withContinue reading “Can You Get Over Me?”

Horror: Stupid People

  A red substance flows from underneath Margaret’s bedroom door. Elroy’s eyes stretch into bulbous orbs as sweat condenses around his brow. He grips the doorknob, exhales a soft breath, and then opens the door.   Stupid Is As Stupid Dies   Have you noticed that people’s intelligence seems to be cut in half whenContinue reading “Horror: Stupid People”

Take This Light And Find The Horror Inside You

  Everyone is capable of horror—even you. Awaken your fear. Everyone is like horrific snowflakes. Some people are repelled by blood, or deep water. A few kids are afraid of the things that slither underneath their bed. Not everyone who owns a nightlight wants to banish the dark…they just want to know where the monstersContinue reading “Take This Light And Find The Horror Inside You”

Venus as Annabel Lee, mixed media, 8″ x 11″

  Annabel Lee BY EDGAR ALLAN POE It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. I wasContinue reading “Venus as Annabel Lee, mixed media, 8″ x 11″”

In Our Box

I want to be buried with you. I don’t want to wait until we die.                                                                    In our small box, we can lie on top of each other so close that your ribs press into mine every time you take a breath – every time you move against me.     Our eyes will never adjust to theContinue reading “In Our Box”

Grime Street: Shadow Lady (Episode 3)

  Wade’s finger is on the trigger. Sinorita is about to go bang. Dirty Desmond checks into the nearest men’s room while someone…or something…lounges in the darkness. Wade has the shadow lady in his sights! Stay tuned and find out if his aim is true.


  “Before the feeble dawn of gaslight and tea…” ~ Patrick Hamilton   Gaslight – (verb) : is a form of psychological abuse in which the victim is manipulated to doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity. (Wikipedia)   Poem By Jaye Tomas I told you I was sorry, I promised to be better, but theContinue reading “Gaslighter”