R.I.P. My Fractured Heart

 R.I.P. My Fractured Heart


We hold hands

strolling among the

rows and rows of markers.

The grass well fed and green

so like a park –

an invitation to share

a picnic lunch.

— These headstones

You say—

are so close together

and so small.


I can’t bring myself

to tell you yet

that this is the graveyard

where I buried my heart

every time you broke it.

My hands carry still the stains

of mud mixed with my heart’s blood.

Scars from digging without

a shovel in the cold earth,

Six by six by nine inches –

all that displaced clay

I used to sculpt a heart

the size of a mountain.



Shrieking Poem By Charles Payne


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Charles Payne 2016©







Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

31 thoughts on “R.I.P. My Fractured Heart

  1. A graveyard where broken hearts are placed must be pretty full. I know so many people and animals who’ve had their hearts broken. To top it off, squids and octopuses have 2 hearts a piece… I bet their grave markers are so tiny and cute. I love how Charles’ poem makes me think such deep and profound thoughts 🙂

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  2. If I still had a heart, I would’ve liked it buried next to an octopus’ heart — there’s just something tranquil about a watery grave.

    I sure liked Charles’ cool poem, and I think his last name pretty much sums up my life….er, um, my death.

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  3. A heart the size of a mountain would be scary! The pumping would create massive quakes, and it would rain red stuff all over the land.

    The illustration pairs very well with Charles’ poem — nice job!

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    1. Ooh, I love that imagery of crimson rain! A heart the size of a mountain would be pretty scary.

      Thanks Fly! The background you chose for my drawing was perfect… it resembles the moon and makes the heart look gigantic.

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  4. I love the way these collaborations are coming together in a way that doesn’t lessen any single part – it’s like a gallery in an exhibition. Teamwork!!!

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  5. A graveyard just for hearts…how long are they left to RIP before being dug up and crammed back in the chest only to be broken again? Hmm…I guess that depends on how long it takes to get over the first break. And I would imagine that some hearts are never excavated…
    Lovely, grim poem and beautiful artwork–a perfect pair.

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  6. “…that this is the graveyard

    where I buried my heart

    every time you broke it.”

    Oh, how very true, Charles. Eerie, beautiful, and true. Excellent piece. And I LOVE the artwork, it has a really cool feel.

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