Monsters in the Abyss: 5 Facts About Sea Pigs & Sea Cucumbers

  Are you ready to get wet? Put on your diving helmet and let’s dive into a watery abyss—the primordial dimension where aquatic monstrosities shine like hypnotic stars.   5 Facts About Sea Pigs   They can fit in your pocket:  Sea pigs are only 4-6 inches long. Sea pigs like mud: You know how land pigsContinue reading “Monsters in the Abyss: 5 Facts About Sea Pigs & Sea Cucumbers”

Dark History: Archbishop Mummies & Hungry Vultures

  Grab a torch and let’s explore the next episode of ‘Dark History’. Shine a light on the shadowy realm of humanity’s ancient past and uncover how ancient cultures lived with death. Get ready to exhume dirty facts about archbishop mummies, purgatory, hungry vultures and sky burials.   Say, “No Way to Decay” We learnedContinue reading “Dark History: Archbishop Mummies & Hungry Vultures”

Bloodizabeth’s Meat & Greet Dinner Party

    Do you smell that? The Dark Darlings are here, and they want to eat you. I’m sorry. Meet you. They want to meet you. Really. They do. Don’t just stand there! Pull up a chair and join my dinner party. Put on that black bib, you filthy monster, or those fangs may punctureContinue reading “Bloodizabeth’s Meat & Greet Dinner Party”

Dark History: Victorian Coffin Bells

  Have you ever been buried alive? Being dead is no fun, especially if you have to experience it while you’re alive. Victorian coffin bells allowed the living to rest in peace—these morbid inventions were created by individuals who suffered from a primitive form of paranoia which resides inside all of us. Nobody wants toContinue reading “Dark History: Victorian Coffin Bells”

Tattooed Blonde

  I’m neither here nor there, Half asleep or half awake. Not quite conscious, Like a drifting snowflake. Sinking through a prism, Where I fantasize and over-achieve. Seeing a blonde haired vixen, Thinking I’ve seen her tats before. I’m retreating, hiding, From her beckoning embraces. My drunken mates at the bar, Giggling and smirking, asContinue reading “Tattooed Blonde”

Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle

CONGRATS TO Na trioblóidí WHO WON THE EASTER EGG HUNT! THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS! Did you know there’s a holiday that takes place after Easter, when all the leftover eggs that haven’t been found, are left rotting in the fields? That distinct, pungent aroma attracts all monsters from milesContinue reading “Blood Bunny Event: Bite-Sized Stories, Egg Hunt, & Gift Card Raffle”

Monster House

Above, with the great help from FlyTrapMan’s slideshow, are only some of the monsters that live in my house. I love finding them in my bookshelves, peering from trunks, and scratching in the corners. The poem below, appears in my book, Dark Matter, which also features four scary tales from Fly. To download my books,Continue reading “Monster House”

Quadrille Poem: Bloody Snowman

  The bloody monster snowman terrorizes the town, looking for maidens he can feast upon. His appetite is endless as he rips heads off. Sucking till they’re bloodless, be certain you’re not found! Do not look into his coal cold eyes. He’s sure to hypnotize.  Written By

Something Lurks In The Grass!

  Monsters are all around us. Some are tiny. Some are big. But there’s one thing these monsters have in common—they’re real! You don’t need to scour the creative dimensions to discover horrific entities. Six-legged abominations live in the same world as you do. Let’s magnify a creepy-crawly’s reality and ask ourselves: what is that?Continue reading “Something Lurks In The Grass!”

Carver Contest 2016: King Barabash

  Alright, you ghosts, ghouls and goblins! Step right up to the stage, but please…keep your guts to yourself. Swivel your eight eyeballs toward a grotesque masterpiece—this turban squash is green in the face and doesn’t mind showing you what it ate for dinner last night. Yuck! Don’t vomit in front of royalty! Or KingContinue reading “Carver Contest 2016: King Barabash”