Like Cake


With his tail, he wrapped

her bosom and pulled her close.

Like cake, she was moist.

(Poet Rummager)

Lust is the flavor

of his red triangle tail.

No added sugar. 


A red velvet room –

ravenous diners waiting.

“Give us angel food.”

(Na triobloidi)

Fanged apparition –

punctures moonlit tender skin.

Warm, liquid crimson.

(Just Me)

Luscious, creamy, soft

red frosting conceals the blood

on a congealed bod.

(Karina Pinella)

Fear not the crimson

blood of my heart, seeping in

decorating you.

(Dorinda Duclos)

Filled with razor blades,

she took a hungry bite,

and her tongue fell out.

(Monochrome Nightmares)

trussed by lust and greed

with hunger etched on her heart

she devoured with passion

(Scattered Thoughts)

Moist, over again.

So moist, it slips through easy.

Moans, hunger for more.


 Conjoined Haiku Train Collaboration

Poet Rummager


Na trioblóidí

Just Me

Karina Pinella

Dorinda Duclos

Monochrome Nightmares

Scattered Thoughts


Don’t just stand there—Hop on board!

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Published by Dead Donovan

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48 thoughts on “Like Cake

        1. I loved “The Shining!” Thanks for bringing your bloody dessert.

          Hey, I forgot to tell you I watched “Urge.” It was pretty unique. I liked that cake scene. Ha! I’ve eaten a lot of cake before; never a whole cake but pretty close! Lol. I wanted to see more of Pierce Brosnan! He had such an itsy bitsy part.

          Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve always wanted to decorate with blood! Lol. Fantastic angle, Doritos!! Thanks so much for hopping on board the haiku train and painting everything red. 🎨 I’ll post your fine haiku in a few minutes!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “Moist, over again
    So moist it slips through easy
    Moans, hunger for more”

    I hope that makes the cut guys.the word “easy” is part of the second line just cant fit it i am using my smart fone cant wait to be home and use my laptop and join the fun…

    Liked by 3 people

  2. It not only made the cut, it also made the slice of cake 😀 You know the cake’s enjoying itself, if it’s moist! Fabulous haiku, Mich. Thanks for hopping on board — don’t forget your seat belt! There’s icing on the train tracks, so it’s gonna get slick.

    Liked by 2 people

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