SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest: The Elf





Kris opened her eyes and stretched and tried to blink the sleep away,
then she quickly turned and snuggled in, not wanting to start the day.
But as her eyes began to close, shutting out all forms of life,
She saw him beside her, the Elf on the shelf, holding a butcher knife.
“Kimmy!” she screamed. “It’s not funny. You scared the crap out of me,” she said.
She narrowed her eyes at creepy Karl as he sat still on the bed.
But Kris moseyed on to take a bath and start her day out right.
She didn’t have that creepy feeling when Karl was out of sight.
She flung the curtain open when she heard the razor fall.
And there Karl was, hair dryer in hand, with the cord plugged into the wall.
“Kimmy, that could have been dangerous!” She quickly knocked Karl away.
She couldn’t wait to go find Kimmy. There was more she needed to say.
Kris grumbled as she put on her clothes, anxiety taking control.
She grumbled as she grabbed the cereal and poured herself a bowl.
She screamed and almost dropped the box, every part of her wanting to run.
Karl sat on the kitchen counter. He was holding a nail gun.
“Where did you get a nail gun, Kimmy?” Kris chuckled to herself.
But something seemed just not quite right with Karl, this Elf on the shelf.
She ate breakfast quickly and grabbed her bag as she crossed the living room floor.
But stopped abruptly as the creepy feeling took over her body once more.
Kris turned around slowly as if she was drowning in quicksand,
There Karl was on the coffee table, a 9 millimeter in his hand.
“This isn’t funny, Kimmy. I’m not laughing anymore.”
Kris thought she saw the Elf smile, her back slammed against the door.
She looked out the window to the driveway hoping she wasn’t alone,
But the car was gone, she had gone to work. Kimmy had never been home…




Written by

Cindy Kovacik


SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest Entry


!!** Click Here for Details **!!



Dark Bird Illustration By Poet Rummager



Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

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