The Maze

Poem By J.T. O’Sullivan

Illustration By Poet Rummager

Tepid tapered streams seamlessly
Flow through rigid rivers in each
Creaking crevice of his mangled
Maze-like mind.

Each turning twisting twirling whirling
Step and stone through flesh and bone
Beyond the walls a man;

Past tooth trapdoor and serrated claw –
Horror gore and corridor.
From frantic fright to bone-deep bite,
Only cantered courage leads to light.

Survive and surpass such a tolling test.
Each faultless feat shows you’re best.
Doors with locks and chains and keys –
Unhinged like foes left on their knees.

“To make it thus far tis a proving
Performance but just before you
Complete the conformance,plunge
Your sword through your mail and Breast I do decree.

For no man, woman, beast or god
Will ever hold claim of this maze…

…But me.”



By J.T. O’Sullivan

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J.T. O’Sullivan 2016©



Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

17 thoughts on “The Maze

  1. You rock, Mateo! Thank you for posting for me. Joshua’s poem looks lovely. Because of your skills, my drawing is amazing! I’m sending the miniatures and a special thank you gift very soon. ❤️ We land back in Seattle in 2.5 hours. Woohoo!!

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