The Darkest Corner



There’s always a world inside you
Secret layers of
Passion, desires, selfishness.
The world you might never be able
To live in, but
It lives within you.

The cavernous void
Of surreptitious serendipity
Of finding fault in everyone.
The secret yearning, abhorrence
Which are afraid to surface
To the upper strata of mind.

All these validate your existence
The real you; skulking
Within you.


I am an optimist. I always like to see the positive sides of life. Though, I also believe a blatant optimism often leads to a situation when we keep on turning a blind eye to the actual scenario. Sagacity lies in depicting both aspects of life; the dark and the negative and, the bright and the positive. Hence, this ‘dark’ poem.



Scattered Thoughts

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Scattered Thoughts 2016©


Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

33 thoughts on “The Darkest Corner

      1. Your poem is amazing and the way you choose your words shows true talent! Fly was the one who created your lovely title card… I wish I could take credit for that stunner, but it was all Matt.

        Lots of love back to you, darling Mani! ❤ 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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