Demon Eyes


Window to abyss

Visions of depravity,

Blinding evilness.

(Karina Pinella)

You cannot see me.

Burning perpetual stare.

I don’t need to blink.


Look into my soul.

See the dark; it fills a hole.

Emptiness that’s full.

(Poet Rummager)

Adjust my glasses

and really see the true you.

Easy with no skin.

(Words and Feathers)

Visions in the dark.

You can never be certain —

that something is there.


Windows to your soul.

The demon lurks in blackness—

blinding me with fear.

(Poetry Is My Aeroplane)

Slice the chosen one.

His blood runs until it’s done.

Come, let’s watch him bleed.

(Twisted Roads Of Madness)

Tearing you apart

Slowly, bit by bit, I ate

The heart you once owned.


Eyes beyond a soul.

Withered spirit now just holes –

yet demons abound.

(Say What U Mean 2 Say)

Empty eyes from hell –

staring, mocking, filled with hate.

You shall not prevail!



Conjoined Haiku Train Collaboration

Karina Pinella


Poet Rummager

Words and Feathers

Poetry Is My Aeroplane

Twisted Roads Of Madness


Say What U Mean 2 Say


Don’t just stand there—Hop on board!

We’d love for you to add to our Demon Eyes Haiku Train Project!!

Place your haiku in the comment section below, and we’ll attach it to our twisted train of reverie.

Choo – Choo, baby!



Published by Dead Donovan

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61 thoughts on “Demon Eyes

    1. I visited you last weekend, I’m sure of it. In the wee hours of this morning, I’ll post something on my blog; just need to get focused again. Thanks for your support, darling. ❤

      I will save your micro story for a fun post later on — Fly would like the idea, I bet.

      Liked by 2 people

                  1. I had a tough time the first few haiku poems I tried! I know what you mean.

                    Hey, would you rather I refer to your blog as Matthew Tonks or Twisted Roads of Madness? Either one is fine, and I can make the changes very easily.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I might try my hand at another one, one day, I’ll see if I can learn. Either or, I’m totally not fussed, they are one in the same really, well, completely different, but they point to the same place in my head 👍

                      Liked by 1 person

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