Monster House

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Above, with the great help from FlyTrapMan’s slideshow, are only some of the monsters that live in my house. I love finding them in my bookshelves, peering from trunks, and scratching in the corners.

The poem below, appears in my book, Dark Matter, which also features four scary tales from Fly. To download my books, click HERE. 


Pen In Hand

Whispers in my room nudge me from deep sleep.

Awakened yet drowsy and not knowing where I am,

I plod down flights of stairs clutching paper and pen.

Noseferatu peeks from around the corner.

Straightening his hat, he grins with sharp teeth.

Don’t forget me, please.

Fright, with hair tousled and knees drawn to her chest,

is reminding me incessantly,

Write my name, write my name, write my name.

From under the dining room table, Beezlebub grabs my ankle.

I gasp. His grip relaxes.

Snickering, he starts to chant,

Remember me. Always and always and always.

At my desk, shadow snakes peer over my shoulders,

squinting at the soft light from my computer monitor.

They hum and hiss for my attention,

How about ussssss? Talk about ussssss. Love ussssss.

My mind is in a whirlwind of creatures, ghosts, and make believe.

They beg and plead for their chance to be in poetry or story.

I’ll do my best, I promise them, calmly soothing their fears.

Quiet and solitude is what I need, so would you all just leave?

The monsters, witches, and goblins, nodding like children,

vanish into corners, closets, floor boards, and cracks.

I’m not quite ready to write.

Sighing, I curse under my breath.

Give it back, I mutter, trying to pry my pen from Freddy Krueger’s hand.


Written By

Rose Perez

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Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

20 thoughts on “Monster House

    1. When I bought the bust, I was told it was of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Personally, he’s more Loki to me who is the Norse god of trickery.

      Thanks for posting the trailer. I watched it a few times again. It’s one of my favorites. ☠️💋

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