Your Stocking

I hung your stocking

It’s lumpy and quite heavy

Your foot’s still in there

Illustration By Poet Rummager

Merry Krampus !!!

Happy HorrorDays !!!


Published by Poet Rummager

Rose Perez has been a hunter and dealer of art and vintage ware for over twenty years. You can find her ebay shop at

11 thoughts on “Your Stocking

  1. Yes my dear poet check your stocking twice,but it is probably MY foot in there since i can’t feel my feet. Amend, my feetz not so good but i still gotz two left dancing ones. i’lll be dancing (in my head) the night away on my two left dancing feet. So have a HAPPY WHATEVER. I DON’T CELEBRATE THE KRAMPUS cuz he lives here along with a drunken leprechaun, who keeps stealing my last beer, and a gremlin or something that keeps turning into ONE OF my catz or a candle. Where is a good and tidy house fairly when you need one/

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    1. Hey Lady Say!
      😂 Thanks for your bravery in visiting SMM. Two left feet are better than two hooves! All the best to you and Happy Days today and everyday. Hugs to Krampus & your leprechaun. Family is family; no matter how weird. Lol. Here’s a lock for your beer —- 🔐. xo


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