Pillow Talk

She impales a sapphire encrusted silver loop through her earlobe, and then glides red lipstick across puffy lips. Black stockings constrict a pair of pale legs while she perches on stilettos.


He’s already passed out. Half empty bottle on the nightstand…same infomercial that’s been on for the past hour…drool spills onto his shoulder, absorbing into the fabric of his half-buttoned shirt. She wiggles the remote from his hand and turns up the volume on the television.

“…Forever Edge is the sharpest knife on the planet! Pineapples…tin cans…cardboard…nothing gets between you and Forever Edge! $35.99…”


Her fingers glide across a pillow’s silky body while she straddles across his lap. She plugs his snoring mouth with the pillow.


He jolts upward while she wraps the pillow and compresses the back of his cranium against the bed board. His feet flail and hit the remote, changing the channel.


“…But…but how can you do this to me! I thought you loved me! I thought we were in love! Kyle…why…WHY!…” The television says.


Screams and moans absorb into the pillow feathers—he squirms while she grinds against the lap of death. His fingers retract into his palms as if he’s holding on to the last second of his life.


She rests her face on the pillow; the silence sings her a goodnight lullaby.



Story by FlyTrapMan



Published by Dead Donovan

SlasherMonster Magazine

24 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. I can’t express enough how much I love Pillow Talk — brilliant and twisted.

    My most favorite line: “…he squirms while she grinds against the lap of death.” Damn, that is one deadly lap dance 😀

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    1. I almost deleted that line a few times, or I was going to rework it. But that particular lovely description somehow survived my sculpting process.

      The infomercial also made appearances in other stories.

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    1. I agree! There used to be a similar knife advertised many years ago, but I can’t recall the exact name of it. The infomercial would show the knife slicing through a pineapple or a tin can….and I wanted one! Haha.


  2. A woman killer, this was nice for a change. Always making us males like the evil ones….. I like the title, I actually thought at the beginning that this was a roance type of story, and liked how while he ´s suffocating you add that he hits the remote control and changes the chanel, gret read.

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  3. This is such a joy to read, i love such kind of reads! Captured my attention from the title to the very last sentence! An utterly splendid post. – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

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